About Us

Welcome synth sound fans, it's Den here. I create synth instrument files to load them into soft synths (vst) or real synth devices (gear).

An old dream of mine came true, since I managed to find an algorithm to make clear sounding complete instruments by recording only one note of an original instrument (like e.g. C4 note) as a single sample sound source and then use it as an input for an upcoming algorithmic process that creates complete keyboard synth instrument out of it. This algorithm is the basis of a digital sampler method called 1SHOTWAVSYNTH®, that requires only one sample to load into its memory, the algorithm is then allocating the right notepitches to the right keys. (Sound quality as per youtube demos.) I share my results with all of you who are interested.

My primary intention is to build a precious, transparent and demonstrative virtual synth instrument database as a catalogue from by Den© virtual instruments, made with 1SHOTWAVSYNTH® algorithm.
You can find at every virtual instrument of the catalogue youtube video links as a demonstration of that particular instrument or pack of instruments.

My secondary intention is to let others have under their fingers any pieces of recently available instruments of my catalogue of by Den© virtual instruments, so I priced the items of this permanently enlarging collection make them available for sale as .SFZ .NKI and .X0V instrument file formats.

.SFZ instruments: play it in latest sforzando standalone/VST

.NKI instruments: play it in Kontakt player above 4.0

.X0V instruments: play it in YAMAHA MOTIF XS/XF

I appreciate all minute you spend reading / listening / reviewing / supporting / downloading and playing on by Den© virtual instruments.

All the best,
by Den©.